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Benoît L'Ecuyer

Boisé-Du Tremblay district

Detailed district plan

Benoît L'Ecuyer

A true wind of happiness, Benoît L’Ecuyer always has the word to make you laugh out loud. Whether under his hat as a gardener, as a father or in his shoes as a councilor for the Boisé-Du Tremblay district for 8 years, Benoit is bursting with talent and energy as he embellishes everything he touches.

Very spontaneous, he acquired as a firefighter the reflex to analyze problems in order to simplify them and take action. Frankness and teamwork are his instinct for survival, while responding to calls quickly is second nature.

Having lived in his district all his life and been involved with organizations since the age of 18, Benoit therefore knows every street corner, every sidewalk. Close to citizens, his knowledge of the field and his great accessibility give him an irreplaceable understanding of the issues which makes him a natural candidate for the movement. Longueuil Citoyen.

Functions and strategic committees

  • President of the Vieux-Longueuil borough;
  • Resource person within the Urban Planning Advisory Council of the Vieux-Longueuil borough;
  • Member of the board of administration of Federation of Canadian Municipalities;
  • Member of the community on the school board of Gentilly school.

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