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Enrique Fredes

District Parc-de-la-Cité

Detailed district plan

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1971, Enrique Fredes moved to Saint-Hubert at the age of 12. Father of a family and community organizer, he has worked for the Jean Coutu Group for 25 years. A sports enthusiast, he became involved with the organization of the Rebelles de Saint-Hubert from 2005, first as a volunteer, coach and technical director. Since 2011, Enrique Fredes has been president of the Rebelles de Saint-Hubert. In this capacity, he participates in the organization of various football tournaments, in the recruitment of players, in addition to taking part in the Bruno Heppell Open Committee, which raises funds to reduce dropping out of school.

"I am happy with the invitation to join the team of Jean-Marc Léveillé and Longueuil Citoyen. My personal experience has shown me the importance of giving back to your community, something that I have been doing for a long time, in my neighborhood as in Saint-Hubert. My involvement in amateur sport and with families in the sector has shown me that we have a lot to offer. I go to the Parc-de-la-Cité district to take concrete action on the daily lives of citizens, to represent them well in municipal authorities and to ensure that the neighborhood is a safe and pleasant living environment for all. "- Enrique Fredes

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