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I want my subway

Je veux mon métro - Longueuil Citoyen

We must put an end to the “home-work-no metro” journey that residents of Longueuil have been living for too long.

Longueuil is behind when it comes to public transit. The progress made over the past four years has been significantly lower than that of cities of similar sizes. The Longueuil Citoyen team is firmly committed to defending the interests of Longueuil residents in order to accelerate the extension of the metro (yellow line) and to offer them a more modern public transport network.

Enough with the failed promises! We want something concrete.

Laval had its metro line. It’s our turn! Let’s aim higher and do everything we can to ensure that this project is prioritized and above all, that it happens! Extending the metro would considerably improve the quality of life and the provision of services to citizens, while making it possible to meet economic and mobility challenges in the best interest of future generations.

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About the yellow line

The yellow line (or line 4) is one of the four lines of the Montreal subway. Apart from the Berri-UQAM station, the line has two stations and crosses the St. Lawrence River between theIsland of Montreal and Longueuil, by serving theSainte-Hélène Island. The yellow line was part of the initial network of 1966 and has remained unchanged to this day, apart from the names of the stations which have all changed since its inauguration.