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Consult our Longueuil Citoyen 2021-2025 campaign platform to learn more about our vision for Longueuil.

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"Longueuil is the city where I was born, where I founded businesses and where I have spent the past 30 years being socially involved. I am proud of Longueuil, but it now has been a few years that in Longueuil it always seems longer and more complicated than elsewhere to do things. Our city has lost its influence and I intend to give it back its rightful place on the municipal, provincial and federal stage. Many projects take a long time to complete. At the end of the day, it costs us more. When I see that, my pride takes a hit. 

And it is precisely on the pride of all citizens that I want to bet. I want our pride to be a powerful engine to surpass ourselves collectively and achieve the things we dream of for our families, our children, our elders. I strongly believe that the citizens of Longueuil are entitled to the same consideration as the citizens of other cities in Québec. The different levels of government must be called on to fill out the infrastructure investment deficit in different areas across the territory. 

Our ambitious vision will be supported by a rigorous plan, centered on citizens and respectful of their ability to pay. 

I am known for saying what I do and doing what I say. I will also have the chance to count on a solid team, made up of candidates and elected officials with various backgrounds, but above all, citizens who are very involved in their neighborhood." - Jean-Marc Léveillé