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St-Charles outlook

St-Mark Park on St-Charles Street

"Choosing to favor a neighborhood business has become a political gesture".

Mario Girard, columnist

Our position

For several years now, like many city centers and village centers in Quebec, businesses and restaurants in the historic and heritage sector of the Vieux-Longueuil borough have been going through difficult times.

After stiff competition from large retail outlets and the growing popularity of electronic commerce, it is now the health crisis of COVID-19 and its economic consequences that are making them even more fragile.

Because local businesses are an integral part of a rich, safe and diverse living environment, the City must adopt a bias in their favor in its economic recovery. What unfortunately la mairesse n’a pas fait en août dernier en ne présentant pas de mesures suffisamment concrètes et adaptées pour soutenir le commerce local.

Many of the proposals put forward in Vision Saint-Charles can be deployed in other areas of the City, which are also going through difficult times. We will have the opportunity to come back to this in the coming months.


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