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Angélique Allara

District Laflèche

Detailed district plan

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angélique Allara has lived in Longueuil for several years now. With a background in accounting and finance, acquired in particular at Collège Édouard-Montpetit, she currently works in the health sector as an administrative agent. Involved in her community, she has been able to share her professional expertise with different types of organizations. Mother of a family, Angélique Allara comes to the district of Laflèche to make a difference in the daily life of these fellow citizens.

“Presenting myself in the Laflèche district is a unique opportunity for me to take concrete action in the lives of my fellow citizens. The municipal level is the level of government closest to the citizens, but at the same time the one where the participation rate is the lowest. It is a challenge of participation that I take up with pleasure in a team made up of women and men of integrity and dedicated to their community, around Jean-Marc Léveillé, our candidate for mayor. "- Angelique Allara

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