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Christian Bassong

District des Explorateurs

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Arrived in Quebec in 1996 as a university student, Christian Bassong holds a Bachelor's degree in administration as well as an MBA obtained respectively from UQAM in 1999 and 2002. He began his career in the banking world in 2000 as a financial advisor and since 2001 has held the position of branch manager for several financial institutions in Longueuil. Along with his career in the banking sector, he embarked on restaurant entrepreneurship. Very involved in his community, he was in turn a volunteer sports educator (coach) at the Longueuil soccer club, president of the board of directors of the Longueuil soccer club for 9 years, co-president of the Soc-coeur tournament for the benefit of the Foundation. from Pierre-Boucher Hospital and Ambassador of the Défi Vélo-Onco Campaign for the benefit of the Charles-Lemoyne Hospital Foundation. He was also a member of the board of directors of Le CAP St-Barnabé, an organization that fights against poverty by helping homeless people, as well as all financially vulnerable people. From his professional and social experience, he learned the basics of investing and entrepreneurship, the importance of supporting the local economy and the importance of engaging concretely with citizens if we want to make a real difference.

"When I arrived in Longueuil, I discovered a quality living environment, extraordinary people and an economic fabric with great potential. The challenges facing our city are important, but we have everything to succeed, everything to shine among the best. As a parent and Longueuillois involved for years with the Longueuil Soccer Club, I am very proud that my son, Zorhan Bassong, now a CF Montreal player, was initially trained and spotted in Longueuil. This allowed him to continue his training in Europe. And that is a very personal success story that illustrates how much Longueuil has to offer the world. "- Christian Bassong

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