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Stéphane Desjardins

Iberville District

Detailed district plan

A resident of Saint-Hubert for 28 years, Stéphane Desjardins lives in the Iberville neighborhood, which he represented as municipal councilor for 8 years. Parent of 3 grown children and long involved at different levels in his community, he was president of the Saint-Hubert borough for 4 years. A professional in customer service management and telecommunications for 25 years, he is recognized for his dedication, team spirit and ability to harness everyone's potential 

His desire to get involved again is motivated by the feeling that Longueuil and the citizens of the Iberville neighborhood deserve better. 

“I want things to change for Saint-Hubert and the Iberville neighborhood. We are all very proud of our City, but we could be even more so. We deserve a safer living environment where it is good to live, educate, work and have fun. I have always said that in politics results are what count. Jean-Marc Léveillé is a man of results. We need your support to carry out the projects that citizens need. "- Stéphane Desjardins

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