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Peter Doonan

Greenfield Park district

Detailed district plan

Borough councilloro 1 (since 2017)

Resident of Greenfield Park, Peter Doonan has been a borough councilor since 2017. Among his responsibilities as an elected official, he acts as a resource person on the Greenfield Park Urban Planning Advisory Committee (CCU), in addition to sitting on the Commission du social development of the City.

Professionally, Peter works as a sales manager for a company that specializes in providing innovative solutions that are integral to manufacturing, distribution and retail operations. Volunteer for several years, he has been involved in the Mike Reid softball tournament, the Greenfield Park OldTimers hockey team, the Packers football team, not to mention his various minor league hockey soccer and baseball implications at Greenfield Park.

He also donates his time during the holiday season to the Christmas Basket Association. He is also the official referee of Hockey Quebec.

Functions and strategic committees

  • Member of the Commission du développement social : famille, affaires sociales, logement social, immigration, action communautaire et condition féminine
  • Resource person of the Greenfield Park Urbanism Advisory Committee

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